Artificial Pancreas

About the New Omnipod Insulin Delivery System

The Omnipod Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery System is a hybrid closed-loop (HCL) system: it combines the technology of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and insulin pumps, and a personalized control algorithm to deliver insulin as needed, day and night. Research showed it helped patients stay in their target glucose range. Read more

Artificial Pancreas Helps Hospital Patients

The “artificial pancreas” (an automated insulin delivery system) performed better in controlling blood sugar levels in hospitalized patients with type 2 diabetes compared than manual insulin delivery, a new study says. These devices have been used sucessfully to treat type 1 diabetes in non-hospitalized patients. The researchers believe their future use in hospital settings may […]

Testing Glucose 1 Hour After Meal Predicts Type 2 Risk

A new study shows that a small time difference may have a big impact on testing for type 2 diabetes. Testing blood glucose levels one hour after a meal, instead of 2 hours after, can provide a better prediction. The researchers say that the one-hour test is more sensitive than the traditional two-hour post meal […]

More than Half of Men with Diabetes Experience Erectile Dysfunction

A new analysis of past research finds erectile dysfunction (ED) affects 53 percent of men with diabetes. The study looked at data for nearly 90,000 men and found that those with diabetes are three and a half times more likely than men without the disease to experience ED. In addition to the sexual issue itself, ED can be a […]

One Year of Success with a “Bioengineered Pancreas”

An islet cell transplant, performed at the University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute, is proving successful one year later. The islet cells, which produce insulin, were transplanted into a woman whose type 1 diabetes had been difficult for her to manage. Ideally, this research will help identify a suitable location within the body in which […]

2016: A Pivotal Year for Closed Loop/Automated Insulin Delivery

In September, the FDA approved the first hybrid closed-loop system for automating insulin delivery to reduce both highs and lows: Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G system including the latest Guardian Sensor 3 CGM. The milestone approval came after an unexpectedly fast three-month FDA review, and just four months after Medtronic reported positive data from its three-month home […]

Insulin Nation – The Pushback Against the Artificial Pancreas

There has been some pushback against labeling the Medtronic 670G an “artificial pancreas”. Even Jeffrey Brewer, the current president and CEO of Bigfoot Biomedical and the former president and CEO of JDRF, has soured on the term. In an October 6th, 2016 Facebook post, he wrote why Bigfoot Biomedical won’t be calling their coming automated […]

Why You Still Have to Bolus with the First Artificial Pancreas

There has been vocal criticism among some in the Type 1 diabetes community that the 670G is not automated enough to be considered an artificial pancreas. For example, users of the pump system will still have to bolus for meals. Dr. Kowalski said that there is still more work to be done on developing the […]

How did the 670G and the iLet Perform in Trials?

Last week, the FDA announced approval of the Medtronic 670G, which is considered by some to be the first pump system worthy of the label of artificial pancreas. However, the 670G still requires a fair amount of user input, and there are other artificial pancreas pump systems in clinical trials that may offer the promise […]

Insulin Nation – Why I Call the 670G an Artificial Pancreas

No sooner did news break that the FDA had approved the Medtronic 670G did debate start over whether it deserved to be labeled an artificial pancreas. I wanted to provide my thoughts on why as the editorial director of a diabetes news publication, I felt comfortable using the term for this hybrid automated pump-and-CGM system.

FDA Approves First ‘Artificial Pancreas’ for Type 1 Diabetes

The device — Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G — is what’s known as a hybrid closed-loop system. That means it monitors blood sugar and then delivers necessary background (also known as basal) insulin doses. The device will also shut off when blood sugar levels drop too low.

I Was Hooked Up to Bigfoot’s Artificial Pancreas

The Bigfoot system, built upon Asante technology, has three components – the pump body, the Dexcom G5 CGM and a controller. The body is a single-use, disposable piece that contains a battery and a 3-mililiter cartridge of Humalog. The Dexcom G5 sends glucose readings to the controller, which is the brains of the operation. The […]

Glucagon the Sole Focus of a Bionic Pancreas Trial

For the bionic pancreas to win FDA approval, it will need to prove that the novel aspects of the treatment are safe and effective. Recently, a team of researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Center in Boston conducted a trial that focused exclusively on the automated delivery of glucagon to see if the treatment […]

Huffpost – Artificial Pancreas Could Be Answer For Diabetes

There’s good news on the horizon for those who suffer from diabetes: a new technology that enables the creation of an artificial pancreas could replace your insulin shots and automatically regulate the body’s levels with nothing for you to worry about on your side.

Bigfoot’s Artificial Pancreas Could Hit the Market by 2018

There are several companies and groups of researchers racing to bring an artificial pancreas to market, be it one that automates insulin delivery or one that does this and provides glucagon, as well. One of the more intriguing entrants into this race is Bigfoot Biomedical, which grew out of a DIY artificial pancreas project created […]

Documenting ViaCyte’s Stem Cell Diabetes Trial

ViaCyte, a leader in stem cell therapies for diabetes, is conducting this first human trial of its kind. And a husband/wife team is producing the first documentary of its kind. They are filming the trial results as they occur.

Bionic Pancreas Updates: Possible Launch with Insulin Alone, with Glucagon to be Added Later

For context, this automated system controls blood glucose using CGM readings every five minutes, a mathematical algorithm, and pumps dosing insulin and glucagon. Right now the Bionic Pancreas is in the research phase, though the team has built an integrated system (iLet) expected to enter a pivotal trial in early 2017.

Insulin Nation – Insulin Injection-Free for a Decade: Life with an Islet Cell Transplant

Chris Schuh, 64, considers herself lucky to be alive. The Type 1 diabetes community can consider Schuh, who has enjoyed a decade without insulin injections after undergoing an experimental treatment, a symbol of hope.

Stem Cell Partnership Shows Long-Term “Cure” for Type 1 Diabetes in Mice

Dr. Melton’s research group attracted a great deal of excitement in 2014 when it published a way of producing large quantities of insulin-producing cells from human stem cells. These cells successfully normalized blood glucose when implanted in rodents, but only those without a functioning immune system.

The Race Toward an Artificial Pancreas: Where Are We Today?

While we will not see a true artificial pancreas (AP) – a closed-loop insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system – come to market in 2016, we are so close we can artificially taste it.