Artificial Pancreas

The Artificial Pancreas: Final Tests Underway This Year

Final tests to measure the safety and efficacy of an artificial pancreas are set to take place in early 2016, according to researchers from the University of Virginia Health System.

Artificial Pancreas Beats Humans in Type 1 Care

Researchers in the UK found that an experimental closed-loop artificial pancreas system did better than humans alone at managing Type 1 diabetes, according to a Reuters report. The closed-loop software, which could be turned on and off at will, included a glucose sensor and insulin pump that sent wireless signals every 12 minutes to adjust […]

Smart Insulin Patch Holds Promise for Treating Diabetes

“As a concept, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than this,” says Dr. John Buse, co-senior author of the results of a study on the patch published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the director of the UNC Diabetes Care Center. “As a physician, I admit, I was stunned by […]

The iLet Bionic Pancreas & Other News from Diabetes Friends for Life 2015

The diabetes industry comes out en force and it was exciting to see many newsworthy announcements at a conference with so much direct access to people in the D-Community. Here’s what we captured our attention the most, from both the exhibit hall floor and the presentation sessions.

Insulin Nation – Dual Chamber Artificial Pancreas Prevents Nighttime Lows Better

As we come closer to having an artificial pancreas on the market, there has been a lively debate about what an artificial pancreas should be. The discussion largely centers around whether an artificial pancreas pump should be single-chamber, meaning that it delivers insulin only, or dual-chamber, meaning it would deliver insulin and glucagon.

IN – A 3-Time Artificial Pancreas Test Subject Speaks

Kelly Close, a noted diabetes advocate and author, used to be last in line to embrace new diabetes technology. In fact, the only reason she even went on insulin pump therapy at all was because her boss requested it. Speaking at the ADA Scientific Sessions in Boston, Close says she was having trouble at her […]

Diabetes Technology Inches Closer To An Artificial Pancreas

Every person who uses insulin to manage diabetes wants what they don’t have — a replacement for their malfunctioning pancreas. And though the technology isn’t yet to the point of creating an artificial pancreas, it’s getting a lot closer.

BattleDiabetes – External artificial pancreas shown to improve type 1 diabetes treatment

In the world’s first clinical trial that compared three alternative treatments for type 1 diabetes, the external artificial pancreas was shown to improve glucose control and reduce risk for hypoglycemia when compared to conventional diabetes treatment.

Artificial pancreas controls insulin better than pumps

The world’s first clinical trial to compare three ways of delivering insulin to control glucose levels in patients with type 1 diabetes concludes that two versions of an artificial pancreas do a better job than conventional pump therapy. The results could have significant implications for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

DiaTribe – Stem Cells and Diabetes: A Guide to the Hope and the Hype

Researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have found what looks like a way (still to be proven!) to generate large quantities of human insulin-producing cells from stem cells. If developed further, this cell source could accelerate diabetes drug development and lead to game-changing therapies for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Insulin Nation – Cure?! Examining the Stem Cell News

Recently, news swept the world that Harvard scientist Dr. Douglas Melton and his team have developed a lab technique that can transform not-fully-developed human stem cells into billions of new insulin-producing beta cells. What does this mean? Is this a cure? What are the next steps? How do I get my new beta cells? How […]

medGadget – BAir Bio-Artificial Pancreas May Finally Treat Type-1 Diabetes

sraeli Beta-O2, a company just coming out of stealth mode, announced that its ßAir bio-artificial pancreas will be put through a clinical trial thanks to a grant from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

DiabetesMine – Pancreum Progress Report: Wearable Closed-Loop System Now a Prototype

Remember that little circular, three-wedge closed-loop device known as Pancreum? You know, the Artificial Pancreas system in which you pop in wedges for insulin pumping, CGM (continuous glucose monitoring), and glucagon pumping, all around a little central core controller?

medGadget – A Molecular Implant for pH-Sensitive Insulin Production

Bioengineers from ETH Zurich’s Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering in Basel have created a prototype implantable molecular device which regulates the blood pH levels through a closed loop pH sensing and insulin production mechanism.

Insulin Nation – An Islet Therapy Pioneer

Chris Stiehl has the distinction of being the first human ever to receive an islet cells transplant via an outpatient endoscopy. Stiehl had the procedure done through the UCSF Diabetes Center, which is one of the leading islet cell research programs in the world.

iMedicalApps – What the iPhone based ‘Artificial Pancreas’ means to patients and physicians

At the recent 74th annual American Diabetes Association Scientific Session in San Francisco, results from a simultaneously published article in the New England Journal of Medicine were formally announced. The publication consisted of two separate studies demonstrating the efficacy and safety of an “artificial” or “bionic” pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes.

NewsFlash: Insulin Release Band-Aid Sized Encapsulation Device Goes to FDA!

The trial would evaluate the safety and efficacy of a new stem cell-derived encapsulated cell replacement therapy, known officially as VC-O1. Basically, that product uses pancreas endoderm cells derived from embryonic stem cells and would be put into the body using something called the Encaptra delivery system.

DiabetesMine – Why I Am So Geeked About a Bionic Pancreas

We in the diabetes community are no strangers to this technology, or the key researchers behind it, D-Dad Ed Damiano and his partner Dr. Steven Russell. But the trial results they presented at the recent ADA conference have catapulted this into the public eye, for better or worse

InsulinNation – The Bionic Pancreas, the Medtronic Duo, & Pump Wars

The experimental is going mainstream in Europe, as Medtronic announced it has gained approval from European regulators to sell the Duo, a connected insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system. From the way it’s described in Fierce Medical Devices, the Duo sounds a lot like the pump-CGM combo that some researchers are testing in their […]

Singularity Hub – Bionic Pancreas Promises Big Boost in Health for TI

A bionic pancreas whose first results in human patients were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, could make the statement purely factual: If you have type 1 diabetes, you will have to prick yourself once every four days or so to change out the needles in the closed-loop blood sugar monitor and […]