Glucose & Insulin

New Trial for Combination Therapy

The TTT-1 trial will begin in Scotland early in 2020 to assess a new combination therapy using insulin, dapagliflozin, and semaglutide. It is being led by Dr John Petrie from the University of Glasgow, a leading expert in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. The trial hopes the treatment will become a new option for […]

Circadian Clocks Disrupted by Glucose, Obesity

The circadian clocks inside the body’s cells that help regulate timing of many body functions and control cardiovascular disease risks within a 24-hour day appear to be affected by high glucose in obesity. “We know that high glucose impairs circadian clock functions, but now we want to know [if] by fixing the clock can we […]

U.N. Seeks to Address Rising Insulin Costs

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a plan to lower the “overly expensive” price of insulin. The agency, which is part of the United Nations, wants other drug companies to produce generic versions of insulin, which it will then test. Since its discovery in 1923, the price of insulin has risen in the United […]

CGMs Support “Time in Range” as New Standard

Fingerstick tests of blood sugar levels can tell patients what their blood sugar level is at any given moment, but not how consistent that level may be. CGMs can take nearly 300 blood sugar measurements a day, thus providing a new standard for measuring blood sugar control: time in range. Time in range refers to […]

Better Blood Sugar Control May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

People who have diabetes or metabolic syndrome (a group of risk factors that often precedes diabetes) are at almost double the risk for developing dementia. One possible cause, the way the brain metabolizes sugar, is now being explored by researchers. Read more

Why Aren’t More Patients Switching to Lilly’s Cheaper Insulin?

Eli Lilly introduced a generic version of Humalog at half the price, called insulin lispro, in March 2019. But this effort to make insulin more affordable may not be having that much of an impact for many people with diabetes, a data analysis shows. One reason is that the cheaper version isn’t actually cheaper, or […]

What is “Brittle” Diabetes?

Brittle diabetes — also called labile diabetes — is a term that describes particularly unstable type 1 diabetes; it typically refers to blood sugar (or blood glucose) levels that quickly swing from low (hypoglycemia) to high (hyperglycemia). Read more

The Impact of Sleep on Blood Glucose

A recent study found that sleeping too much and sleeping too little were both associated with glycemic values out of normal range in patients with prediabetes and recently diagnosed, untreated patients with diabetes. Short sleep times and shift work patterns were also found to be associated with higher BMI values. Read more

Turning 26 Poses Dangers for Young Americans with Type 1

Many young Americans with type 1 diabetes rely on their parents’ health insurance to cover the costs of insulin. Insulin’s price in the us has tripled from 2002 to 2013, and from 2012 to 2016, its average annual cost increased from $3,200 to $5,900. This means that young people who turn 26 and are no […]

Old Malaria Drug May Help Manage Glucose

Hydroxychloroquine is an anti-inflammatory drug that is among the oldest prescribed drugs first used to treat malaria. Researchers have found it may help treat autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis (RA); now, researchers say it can also help with blood glucose management in diabetes. Read more

Colorado Caps Insulin CoPay

A new law signed by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis caps co-payments of the lifesaving medication at $100 a month for insured patients, and requires insurance companies to absorb the balance. The law also directs the state’s attorney general to launch an investigation into how prescription insulin prices are set throughout the state and make recommendations […]

Lilly’s Cheaper Generic Insulin Comes to Market

Eli Lilly has announced that its Lispro Injection is available at pharmacies with a much lower list price than its Humalog brand. The generic of Humalog is available in both a vial and KwikPen form. Because they are the same insulin, pharmacists will be able to substitute Insulin Lispro Injection for Humalog, Eli Lilly said, […]

It’s Easy to Miss a Pump Setting Change

Accidentally changing an insulin pump setting to add a second basal program is easy to do, and reverting to the “home” screen won’t necessarily undo the change. If you’ve been using one setting for a long time, you may need a refresher on how to correctly change to a new setting. Read more

Is Testing Glucose at Home Beneficial for Non-Insulin Using Diabetes Patients?

A new study divided people with type 2 diabetes who don’t use insulin into three groups: were told to check their blood glucose once a day; the second group were told to check their blood glucose once a day, and then were given tailored advice depending on the results; and the third group was told […]

Count Protein, Fat as well as Carbs in Insulin Calculations

People with type 1 diabetes are usually advised only to count the carbohydrate content of their meal when calculating pre-meal insulin dose. While this improves glycemic management, there is growing evidence that protein and fat should also be considered in calculating pre-meal insulin doses. Read more

New Version of Humalog at Half Price

Eli Lilly and Co announced that they will sell a half-price version of the popular insulin injection Humalog. The new product will be called Insulin Lispro; Humalog will remain available for those who wish to use it through existing insurance plans. The move comes as many major drugmakers, including Lilly, have received criticism from patients […]

Is There an Ideal Exercise Blood Glucose?

There is no official ideal blood glucose range to start with and maintain during exercise, but we know that being too low or too high negatively impacts performance. What blood glucose target or range most athletes aim for depends on a number of factors, including the type, intensity, and duration of their activity. A reasonable […]

Glooko Mobile Diabetes App Now Free

Glooko has now made its mobile app (for Android or iOS) free for any person with diabetes; previously there was a subscription fee for people not sponsored through their provider, health plan, or employer. The mobile app offers glucose tracking and can help patients manage their condition through correlating food, exercise and medication data to […]

Diabetes Risk with Cystic Fibrosis Shown in A1c

People who have cystic fibrosis are at greater risk for dysglycemia and cystic fibrosis-related diabetes if they have HbA1c levels of 37 mmol/mol or more, compared to those who have lower HbA1c levels, according to nre research findings, Read more

Swallowing Needles? A Possible New Way to Take Insulin

Researchers at MIT are working on a new way to deliver insulin: by swallowing a small, capsule-like device that can inject insulin directly into the stomach wall. While the technology still needs much more study, the researchers hope this will provide a method of insulin delivery that’s easier on people, especially those who hate injections. […]