Glucose & Insulin

ADA and Doctor’s Group Disagree on Blood Sugar Goals

A new recommendation from the American College of Physicians that many people with type 2 should relax their blood sugar goals has drawn strong disagreement from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Based on research analysis, the College has decided that the problems caused by trying for for the lowest blood sugar score outweigh the benefits, […]

Study Raises Insulin Quality Concerns – But is it Accurate?

A pharmacist recent conducted a study of the quality of insulin. He tested 18 vials, purchased at pharmacies, and found that on average the vials had less than half what was listed on the vial. But were his methods accurate, and does such a small study really mean anything? Insulin makers, advocacy groups and diabetes […]

Do Voice-Operated Apps for Insulin Pumps Really Work?

The VoiceDiab is an Android app that works through voice recognition. Users can speak to the app, giving descriptions of their meals.  The app then calculates needed insulin doses to compensate for the content of the meals. 887 basic foods are programmed into the app with information about their caloric value and amounts of carbs, […]

Will New Once-Daily Pill Replace Insulin Injections?

Novo Nordisk, the world’s largest insulin manufacturer, is looking to transform the diabetes market with a pill. Its oral semaglutide medicine is currently in late-stage trials, with a planned launch date in 2020. Semaglutide, one of the GLP-1 drugs, stimulates insulin production. It’s currently available as a once-weekly injection, and Novo hopes that the pill […]

How Tech Can Help Patients Get Over Motivation Slumps

People who have been dealing with type 1 since childhood can get “burned out” on dealing with their diabetes every day, and lose the motivation to test numbers regularly and do the other tasks they need to do to manage their diabetes. For some of those patients, new technologies like CGMs can make managing their […]

Freestyle Libre Now Covered by Medicare

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre, a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) has received Medicare coverage. This CGM is the first in the market that does not require diabetes patients to prick their finger to draw blood. The Medicare coverage and ease of use of the system are expected to make it an attractive option for senior citizens […]

Oral Insulin Not Adequate To Prevent Type 1

Taking a 7.5 mg dose of oral insulin every day doesn’t seem to be effective in delaying the onset of type 1 diabetes. A recent study followed a group of people who all tested positive for microinsulin antibodies and had a relative who’d been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Half the study participants took the […]

What are Biosimilars, and What Do They Mean for Diabetes Treatment?

A biosimilar is a biological product defined as being comparable (but not identical) to an already FDA-approved biological product, in molecular structure, safety, and effectiveness. Because they are not identical to the reference product, they differ from generic drugs, which have identical molecular structures and active ingredients to those of the brand name products. The […]

New Treatment for Insulin Resistance May Be On the Way

Insulin resistance, which occurs when the body’s cells are no longer able to respond to insulin, is a major risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. For people with insulin resistance, blood glucose levels can become too high, which over time can contribute to the development of type 2. Currently, medications such as thiazolidinediones are […]

FDA Approves New Rapid-Acting Mealtime Insulin

It’s been shown that maintaining low glucose levels after meals can slow the progression of diabetes-associated complications. Researchers have been looking at ways to create an ultrafast insulin that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and can rapidly affect glucose levels. This way, the patient can take insulin after meals and quickly get post-meal glucose […]

New Artificial Pancreas Trial Shows Benefits for Type 1

Participants with type 1 diabetes in a 12-week clinical trial showed significant improvements in two important health measures. Their HbA1c decreased and the amount of time they spent in hypoglycemia was reduced. The artificial pancreas system consists of an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, surgically placed under a patient’s skin, and is designed to […]

Animas to Stop Making Insulin Pumps

Johnson & Johnson has decided to discontinue its insulin pump products. The Animas, Animas Vibe, and OneTouch Ping pumps will no longer be available. The company announced it has  partnered with Medtronic to transition its existing customers to Medtronic’s pump line. Johnson & Johnson representatives have said the decision to shut down the pump division […]

Insulin Patch Offers Alternative to Shots

The V-Go insulin patch offers people with diabetes an alternative to insulin injections. After you load the patch with insulin, it is applied to the arm, leg or abdomen, much like a Band-Aid. There’s a tiny needle inside the patch. With a push of a button, the needle goes into the skin. It delivers a […]

First CGM that Doesn’t Require Fingersticks Approved in U.S.

The FDA has approved the Libre Flash System for sale to adults in the U.S. It’s the first continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that does not require fingersticks in order to check glucose levels. It’s already been approved in multiple other countries. It uses small sensor wire inserted below the skin’s surface that continuously measures and […]

Insulin for Life Helps Those in Need

International organization Insulin for Life works to provide people with diabetes in need of assistance with life-saving insulin. It works with disadvantaged people with diabetes, and with victims of natural disasters, worldwide. Recently it has been helping victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Read more

CGMs Help Pregnant Women with Type 1

New research shows that women with type 1 diabetes who used continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) during pregnancy had significantly better health outcomes, for both themselves and their babies. Women with type 1 are at higher risk of complications including premature birth, stillbirth, high birth weights, pre-eclampsia and cesarean section for mothers. Read more

Alert: Medtronic Recalling Defective Diabetes Infusion Sets

Medtronic, a maker of medical devices, announced on Sept. 11 it would recall certain infusion sets used with its insulin pumps Infusion sets help connect insulin pumps to the body. According to Medtronic, a vent membrane in some of the infusion sets could be blocked by fluid during the process of priming, or removal of […]

Can Telephone Counseling Help Elderly Patients Manage Diabetes?

A study evaluated elderly participants before and after four follow-up telephone support calls for insulin administration, and determined that the phone calls helped improve the patients’ insulin knowledge. In a second study one group of patients were met face to face for 2 months and also received 4 follow-up telephone calls by a healthcare professional, […]

What’s the Value of Home Blood Sugar Monitoring?

A new study casts doubt on whether regular home blood sugar monitoring is really helpful for many patients. The study divided patients with type 2 into two groups, one of which monitored blood sugar closely; the other did not. After one year the researchers found that the patients who self-monitored did not have improved blood […]

“Smart” Insulin Patches Getting Closer

A new “smart” insulin patch may make blood glucose monitoring more accurate and less painful. The patch, worn on the skin, would automatically deliver insulin as needed. It’s under development at The Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNC-Chapel Hill and N.C. State University. Read more