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ADA: New Exercise Recommendation for Diabetes and Prediabetes


The American Diabetes Association recently released a position statement with new evidence-based recommendations on physical activity and exercise for people with diabetes and prediabetes. A big point is the 3-for-30 recommendation: do three minutes of light physical activity – such as leg extensions or walking – for every half hour spent sitting still.

Insulin Nation – One Exercise Trick to Cut Your Insulin Needs in Half


You know why they won’t tell you about that one exercise trick to cut your insulin needs in half? Because there isn’t one. If you’re reading this, then you most likely chose to take a look at a health article that sounded too good to be true before sharing it or reacting to it on […]

The Lowdown on High-Protein Diets


High-protein diets may help you lose weight in the short term, but could have negative effects on your health down the road.

ADA releases new wide-ranging diabetes physical activity guidelines


The new guidelines, published in Diabetes Care, include suggestions of moderate to intense physical activities, as well as light forms of exercise to cut daily sitting time.

Diabetes In Control – How To Drop Blood Sugars By 12%


Researchers concluded that telling patients with type 2 diabetes to “Take a short walk right after meals” may be one of the best exercise prescriptions a clinician can give. Results from the randomized crossover study show that post-meal blood glucose levels dropped 12%, on average, when patients with type 2 diabetes walked for 10 minutes […]

How Your Body Temperature Can Affect Your Metabolism


As humans, we need to generate body heat to keep all of the chemical processes that run our bodies functioning. “Maintaining proper body temperature is crucial,” says Yu Hua Tseng, Ph.D., Principal Investigator in the Section on Integrative Physiology and Metabolism at Joslin Diabetes Center.

CNN – How your mouth is linked to your migraines


People who get migraines have a higher abundance of mouth bacteria that reduce compounds called nitrates into nitrites, which can be converted into nitric oxide, according to the study published Tuesday in the American Society for Microbiology’s open-access journal mSystems.

Exercise vs. diabetes: New level of detail uncovered


According to the analysis, cycling or walking briskly for 150 minutes each week cuts the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 26 percent. Those who exercise moderately or vigorously for an hour each day reduced their risk by 40 percent. At the other end of the scale, for those who did not […]

American Heart Association: No More Than Eight Ounces of Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Per Week


In late August, the American Heart Association (AHA) released recommendations encouraging parents to limit their children’s daily added sugar intake. The recommendations aim to reduce children’s risk of developing obesity and elevated blood pressure, both of which are risk factors for heart disease later in life. It is great to see such a highly respected […]

Aerobic exercise has health benefits for type 1 diabetes patients on insulin pumps


The results of the clinical study, carried out by American and Italian researchers, focused on middle-aged patients treated with insulin pump therapy. They showed a variety of health benefits for those who took part in aerobic exercise, including improved metabolic control, reduced insulin requirements and less hyperglycemic events.

NPR – Yes, It Is Possible To Get Your Flu Shot Too Soon


A combination of factors makes it more difficult for the immune systems of people older than 65 to respond to the vaccination, she says, and the protective effect may also wear off faster than it does in young people.

BattleDiabetes – Type 2 Diabetes: New Treatment Can Extend Life by Eight Years


This study, published in Diabetologia followed up on the 1993 Steno-2 study. In the Steno-2 a group of 160 people with type 2 diabetes were randomized and treated with either a conventional treatment plan or an intensified treatment plan. The initial study ended after eight years.

Medical Xpress – Can long naps cause diabetes?


A study presented at a scientific congress Thursday reported a link between long naps and a higher risk of diabetes, though it couldn’t say if daytime sleeping was a symptom or a cause. People who slept more than an hour each day were 45 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, a debilitating condition […]

NYT – Diabetes and Your Diet: The Low-Carb Debate


A few years ago, Richard Kahn, the now-retired chief scientific and medical officer of the American Diabetes Association, was charged with organizing a committee to prescribe a diet plan for people with diabetes. He began by looking at the evidence for different diets, asking which, if any, best controlled diabetes.

Study Says “Healthy Eating” Means “Healthy Fats”


The results were, to many, surprising: “Among different fats, the most consistent benefits were seen for increasing polyunsaturated fats, in place of either carbohydrates or saturated fat,” said Imamura. In fact, these results revealed that a diet rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can help improve blood sugar control.

Does Flossing Help Or Not? The Evidence Is Mixed At Best


“In large epidemiological studies, the evidence for flossing turns out to be fairly weak,” says Tim Iafolla, a dentist with the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, which is part of the National Institutes of Health.

NPR – It’s Tough To Make Good Health Choices, But Science Can Help


Simply reminding yourself that you’re an OK person may increase your readiness to change. In a review published in 2014, Epton and colleagues analyzed existing research and found self-affirmation techniques combined with persuasive health information can help people decide to change — and then actually do it.

NPR – After Medical Marijuana Legalized, Medicare Prescriptions Drop For Many Drugs


Research published Wednesday found that states that legalized medical marijuana — which is sometimes recommended for symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety or depression — saw declines in the number of Medicare prescriptions for drugs used to treat those conditions and a dip in spending by Medicare Part D, which covers the cost on prescription medications.

Type 1, Celiac, and AutoImmune Thyroid Disease Go Together

Golden Wheat in June

Unfortunately, researchers are finding that people with one autoimmune condition are prone to others. For example, a recent study has found that people with celiac disease and Type 1 diabetes have a higher risk of also developing autoimmune thyroid disease.

Your Android Diabetes App is Probably Selling Your Health Info

google (1)

In a new study, researchers found that Android-based diabetes apps sometimes collect private health data and share it with outside third parties without warning users. Researchers with the Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law found that 81 percent of the 211 Android-based diabetes apps reviewed did not have privacy policies. Only four of […]