NPR – Yes, It Is Possible To Get Your Flu Shot Too Soon


A combination of factors makes it more difficult for the immune systems of people older than 65 to respond to the vaccination, she says, and the protective effect may also wear off faster than it does in young people.

BattleDiabetes – Type 2 Diabetes: New Treatment Can Extend Life by Eight Years


This study, published in Diabetologia followed up on the 1993 Steno-2 study. In the Steno-2 a group of 160 people with type 2 diabetes were randomized and treated with either a conventional treatment plan or an intensified treatment plan. The initial study ended after eight years.

diaTribe – Metabolic Surgery Suggested for Some People with Type 2 Diabetes


Diabetes Care, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, published a statement after the 2nd Diabetes Surgery Summit (DSS-II) recognizing metabolic (bariatric) surgery as a standard and safe treatment option for some people with type 2 diabetes.

T1 Diabetes Vaccines: Possibilities on the Horizon


The BCG vaccine is currently in phase II of a five-year trial, testing the vaccine’s effects on human patients. But lead researcher Dr. Denise Faustman, M.D, Ph.D., is optimistic of the vaccine’s ability to help people. As she said in an interview with Diabetes in Control, “We’re talking about a considerable number of people, 10 […]

GlucaGen HypoKit Voluntarily Recalled by Novo Nordisk


Novo Nordisk voluntarily recalled six batches of its GlucaGen HypoKit (glucagon for injection) on September 9, 2016. Two reports out of Europe detailed malfunction of needles on the syringe containing Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI) – an essential component of the kit.

Medical Xpress – Can long naps cause diabetes?


A study presented at a scientific congress Thursday reported a link between long naps and a higher risk of diabetes, though it couldn’t say if daytime sleeping was a symptom or a cause. People who slept more than an hour each day were 45 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, a debilitating condition […]

NYT – Diabetes and Your Diet: The Low-Carb Debate


A few years ago, Richard Kahn, the now-retired chief scientific and medical officer of the American Diabetes Association, was charged with organizing a committee to prescribe a diet plan for people with diabetes. He began by looking at the evidence for different diets, asking which, if any, best controlled diabetes.

Insulin Nation – The Pros and Cons of Insulin Pump Therapy


In his book, Think Like A Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes With Insulin, certified diabetes educator Gary Scheiner devotes a chapter on the basics of insulin pump therapy. While studies show that pump therapy, when done right, leads to better blood sugar control, it’s not for everyone. Scheiner gives a concise pro/con list […]

NPR – Don’t Kiss That Kitty: Cat-Scratch Fever Is Making People Sicker


Cat-scratch disease, as the name suggests, is spread by cats. It’s long been considered a mild illness, but a study finds that people are getting more serious complications, which can be fatal. And kissing kittens increases the risk of being infected.

diaTribe – Going Beyond A1c – One Outcome Can’t Do It All


A1c has limits: it cannot capture other critical outcomes that matter to patients on a daily basis. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can be fatal, and yet, A1c tells us nothing about it. This article unpacks why going beyond A1c is important and shares other ways of measuring diabetes success.

Afrezza is Back with a Better Co-Pay Card Program and New Cartridge Pack


Following the terminated partnership with Sanofi, MannKind has relaunched its ultra-rapid-acting inhaled (needle free) mealtime insulin, Afrezza. Afrezza is an ultra-rapid-acting insulin for people with type 1 and 2 diabetes, peaking in only 16-21 minutes versus about 60-90 minutes for current injected rapid-acting insulins such as Humalog and Novolog .

Diabetes-Related Blindness On The Rise


People with diabetes are, unfortunately, often beset with a host of other health problems, including troubles with their eyesight. And a new study indicates that vision loss is rising worldwide, with diabetes as the main causal factor.

Companion Medical’s Bluetooth-Enabled Insulin Pen and App Cleared by FDA

Companion Smart Insulin Pen

The FDA has cleared InPen, Companion Medical’s reusable Bluetooth-enabled smart insulin pen and paired Apple iOS smartphone app. A launch is expected in 2017, likely including Android, too.

Possible New Benefit For Metformin Users

Blood_vessels_1817314c (2)

Many people with type 2 diabetes take the drug metformin to control their blood sugar levels. But now, new research suggests that his drug may also benefit type 1 diabetics, by slowing down the progression of heart disease.

Glucagon the Sole Focus of a Bionic Pancreas Trial


For the bionic pancreas to win FDA approval, it will need to prove that the novel aspects of the treatment are safe and effective. Recently, a team of researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Center in Boston conducted a trial that focused exclusively on the automated delivery of glucagon to see if the treatment […]

Study Says “Healthy Eating” Means “Healthy Fats”


The results were, to many, surprising: “Among different fats, the most consistent benefits were seen for increasing polyunsaturated fats, in place of either carbohydrates or saturated fat,” said Imamura. In fact, these results revealed that a diet rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can help improve blood sugar control.

Health Costs for People with Diabetes is 3.6 Times More than Average

money series: hudreds of green dollar texture

A new study confirms what many with diabetes have known all along – that staying healthy comes at a steep price. Researchers with the Health Care Cost Institute found that health care costs for people with diabetes on private insurance plans was about 3.6 times more than health care costs for those without diabetes.

Does Flossing Help Or Not? The Evidence Is Mixed At Best


“In large epidemiological studies, the evidence for flossing turns out to be fairly weak,” says Tim Iafolla, a dentist with the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, which is part of the National Institutes of Health.

FDA Panel Recommends Expanded Use of CGMs


If the panel’s recommendations are adopted by the FDA, that would mean that Dexcom G5 users would not need to do a separate fingerstick with a meter to get a blood sugar reading for basal and bolus insulin dosing; they would, however, still need to do daily fingersticks to calibrate the device. European G5 users […]

Insulin Nation – Man Comes Off Insulin Therapy After Undergoing BioHub Islet Cell Transplant


This June, a 41-year-old man became the first European patient with Type 1 to come off insulin therapy after receiving a transplant of pancreatic islet cells using the BioHub technique. This therapy, engineered by the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), protects transplanted islet cells from immune system attack.

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