NYT – Ask Well: Reversing TII Diabetes

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Studies have shown that both bariatric surgery and extreme low-calorie diets can reverse more established Type 2 diabetes, but “we still need more information on how long the remission is going to last,” Dr. Fradkin said.

Artificial Pancreas Beats Humans in Type 1 Care


Researchers in the UK found that an experimental closed-loop artificial pancreas system did better than humans alone at managing Type 1 diabetes, according to a Reuters report. The closed-loop software, which could be turned on and off at will, included a glucose sensor and insulin pump that sent wireless signals every 12 minutes to adjust […]

DiabetesMine – Around the Diabetes Blogosphere in September 2015


As always, there’s been no shortage of outstanding diabetes blog posts falling from the proverbial tree that is the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). Today, we’re excited to share some that caught our eye during September, along with some posts recommended by DOC peep readers.

FDA Approves New Long-Acting Insulin: Tresiba and Ryzodeg


On September 25, 2015, the FDA has approved Tresiba (insulin degludec SC injection) and Ryzodeg 70/30 (insulin degludec/insulin aspart SC injection) as one of the treatment options to improve glycemic controls in adults with diabetes mellitus.

The Guardian – Study gives strongest link yet between blood pressure and TII diabetes


The Oxford University study provides the strongest evidence yet of a link between the two conditions. Experts behind the study said more research was needed to see whether using drugs to lower blood pressure would help prevent people developing type 2 diabetes.

The Relationship of Onglyza (Saxagliptin) and Fracture Risk in Type 2 Diabetes


Authors conclude that treatment with Onglyza for type 2 diabetes in older patients was not related with an increased risk of fractures as this was shown by a study encompassing a large population sample. However, an interesting finding between the duration of diabetes and increased risk of bone fracture was discovered, which requires further studies […]

FDA Announces First-Ever Patient Engagement Advisory Committee


Recently, the FDA announced the creation of the first-ever Patient Engagement Advisory Committee (PEAC), designed to advise the agency on medical devices, device regulation, and patient use. Any disease could be covered. The FDA is opening a public comment period for 60 days so people can submit and comment on potential topics for the advisory […]

Whether Meat or Vegan, High-Protein Diet Best for Blood Sugar


A high-protein diet, whether from plant or animal food sources, is the best approach when it comes to blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes, a new study reveals.

diaTribe – Genetic Testing in Diabetes? Separating Hope from Hype


Renowned endocrinologist and diaTribe Advisory Board member Dr. Anne Peters (USC Keck School of Medicine) is a regular user of 23andMe; she used it herself (in combination with Promethease) to assess her personal risk of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Fascinated by the potential of these tests, she began using them in her clinic.

Diatribe – US Surgeon General Calls on Americans to Walk More


Why is walking good for you? While walking is often perceived as not strenuous enough to have big health benefits, dozens of scientific studies suggest that walking is, in fact, significantly associated with better health. Some studies say walking can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 30%. The best part is that […]

BattleDiabetes – High Intensity Exercise Can Help Type 2 Diabetes


HIIT training – which involves alternating intense bursts of physical activity with periods of rest – was found to improve heart structure and help with diabetes control in a 23-person study funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

Gut Reaction: The Link Between Gut Bacteria and Type 1 Diabetes


In a study published in Cell, Host & Microbe earlier this year, the largest longitudinal study of the microbiome to date, researchers saw dramatic shifts in the gut bacteria of children who went on to develop type 1 diabetes. The study could have important implications for identifying the disease at a very early stage, delaying […]

Healthline – 7 Best Places to Find Diabetes Recipes


If you, a family member, or a friend has diabetes, you’re probably aware of how important diet is to monitoring the disease. Fortunately, today’s online food community is vast, so searching for diabetes-friendly recipes brings up thousands of results.

Some Diuretics Can Increase the Risk of Diabetes By 30%


Despite guideline recommendations to use hydrochlorothiazide early on for blood pressure treatment, current use is limited due to the risk of hyperglycemia and diabetes later on. In fact, concerns about metabolic effects with diuretics are viable considering most studies show an increased risk of diabetes by 25% to 30% when used.

CDC Says Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective This Season


Last year’s flu vaccine didn’t work very well. This year’s version should do a much better job protecting people against the flu, federal health officials said Thursday. An analysis of the most common strains of flu virus that are circulating in the United States and elsewhere found they match the strains included in this year’s […]

‘Amazing’ diabetes drug drives down fatal heart attacks and strokes, study finds


Compared with clinical trial subjects who took a placebo, those who added Jardiance to their regimen of diabetes medications were 38% less likely to die as a result of a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular problem during the approximately three years that subjects were tracked.

What It’s Really Like Using New Basal Insulin Toujeo


News came early in the year about Sanofi’s new basal insulin called Toujeo, which is a higher concentration than the long-established Lantus.

FDA Approves the Tandem t:slim G4 Combo Device


On Wednesday morning, the California pump company announced that the FDA had approved its first combo device on Sept. 8 — about 14 months after Tandem Diabetes submitted the system for review.

The Best Diabetes Twitter Accounts of 2015


Whether you’re newly diagnosed or an insulin veteran, staying up-to-date on the latest diabetes news as well as seeking support from others is a great way to help yourself. Keep reading to learn more about this year’s best Twitter accounts for diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes: 7 Behaviors You Need to Stop


This list below is seven behaviors that we can control. With practice, we can stop them altogether and live a much happier life. Being aware of these behaviors in ourselves is the first step to creating a happier life.

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