One Small Benefit for Type 2: Reduced Aortic Aneurysm Risk

Patients with type 2 diabetes were less likely to develop a serious aortic aneurysm, and had better short-term survival after an aortic aneurysm rupture than those without the disease, according to a large study. The new study supports older, smaller studies that suggest diabetes makes the aortic wall stronger. Unfortunately, patients with type 2 still […]

Older, Less Expensive Diabetes Drug Types Can Still be Effective

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the cardiovascular benefits of some of the newer, more expensive diabetes drugs, such as the SGLT-2 inhibitor class, which includes such brand-name drugs as Invokana and Jardiance. A recent study looked at two older, affordable, and commonly-prescribed types of drugs, to see how they compared. According […]

Seniors with Type 2 at Higher Risk of Fractures

According to researchers, seniors with type 2 diabetes have a higher fracture risk, even if they have normal or higher bone density than their peers. Most concerningly, they have a 40 percent to 50 percent increased risk of hip fracture. Researchers believe type 2 contributes to bone weaknesses that are not visible on standard bone […]

Insulin for Life Helps Those in Need

International organization Insulin for Life works to provide people with diabetes in need of assistance with life-saving insulin. It works with disadvantaged people with diabetes, and with victims of natural disasters, worldwide. Recently it has been helping victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Read more

Report Says Type 2 Diabetes “Reversible through Weight Loss”

A new report by British researchers says that there is consistent evidence that “total remission” of type 2 diabetes can often be achieved by losing about 33 pounds (15 kilograms). If this were better known by doctors and patients, the authors state, many patients could escape the burden of living with type 2 diabetes, and […]

Caffeine May Help Women with Diabetes

A new study showed  benefits of caffeine consumption for women with diabetes. In the 11-year study, women with diabetes who had at least one cup of coffee per day were 51 percent less likely to die than women who consumed no caffeine. The benefits of caffeine, however, did not apply to men. It’s too early […]

First Oral Drug for Type 1 Diabetes

A new oral medication for type 1 diabetes, sotagliflozin, has been developed by  Lexicon Pharmaceuticals; the company plans to file marketing applications worldwide in the first half of 2018. In trials, patients taking sotagliflozin in addition to insulin showed significant improvements in glucose control, a drop in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and weight loss. If […]

CGMs Help Pregnant Women with Type 1

New research shows that women with type 1 diabetes who used continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) during pregnancy had significantly better health outcomes, for both themselves and their babies. Women with type 1 are at higher risk of complications including premature birth, stillbirth, high birth weights, pre-eclampsia and cesarean section for mothers. Read more

Could Tattoos That Change Color Someday Replace Fingersticks?

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Harvard Medical School,  have developed a new kind of tattoo ink that changes color in response to changes in the body. So far they’ve developed three different inks, which change in response to changing pH levels, sodium levels, and blood sugar levels. The project is called […]

Alert: Medtronic Recalling Defective Diabetes Infusion Sets

Medtronic, a maker of medical devices, announced on Sept. 11 it would recall certain infusion sets used with its insulin pumps Infusion sets help connect insulin pumps to the body. According to Medtronic, a vent membrane in some of the infusion sets could be blocked by fluid during the process of priming, or removal of […]

The Rights of Patients with Diabetes in the Workplace

In the United States, many people have health insurance through their employers. It’s important for any patient with diabetes to know their rights pertaining to that insurance. Companies offer different options of healthcare coverage plans and are required to provide a summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) to their employees.  It is illegal under federal […]

Does Eating Meat and Poultry Increase Diabetes Risk?

A plant-based diet is sometimes considered healthier than a meat-based diet in preventing the risk of diabetes, but not all meats affect the risk equally. A new research study suggests higher intake of red meat and poultry is associated with significantly increased risk of developing diabetes, partially attributed to their higher content of heme iron […]

Help for People with Diabetes Affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma

The American Diabetes Association is working to help patients with diabetes and diabetes caregivers who have been affected by Hurricanes Harvey or Irma. Visit diabetes.org/hurricanerelief for information on the latest shelter locations; information for people with diabetes and caregivers; information for emergency responders and relief personnel; how to donate unexpired and unopened diabetes supplies; and […]

Can a Single Test find Cancer, Diabetes, and More?

Human blood contains tiny shards of DNA, released as cells die. Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) tests examine these shards. If an analysis can determine where the DNA shards came from, it would be possible to detect damage in different parts of the body. cfDNA tests require only a simple blood draw and could one day be […]

Google’s AI Research Could Help Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy

One of the principal causes of blindness is Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), a condition in which damage ocurs to the retina due to diabetes, is a leading cause of blindness. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 415 million patients with diabetes worldwide have the risk of DR. Google Brain, the Google research team that works on […]

New Treatment May Help Preserve Bone Health in Diabetes

Experiments with a drug compound called TNP (also known as picric acid), used by researchers to study obesity and diabetes, show that in mice the therapy can promote the formation of new bone. This is important as many current drugs that help patients manage their diabetes can also weaken bones, leaving patients more vulnerable to […]

Can Telephone Counseling Help Elderly Patients Manage Diabetes?

A study evaluated elderly participants before and after four follow-up telephone support calls for insulin administration, and determined that the phone calls helped improve the patients’ insulin knowledge. In a second study one group of patients were met face to face for 2 months and also received 4 follow-up telephone calls by a healthcare professional, […]

New Guidelines for Managing High Blood Pressure with Diabetes

New recommendations from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) call for blood pressure to be measured in patients with diabetes at every routine clinic visit. The ADA Professional Practice Committee says the new recommendations are based on  “unequivocal evidence” that supports targeting blood pressure goal to <140/90 mm Hg in most adults with diabetes, as it […]

Is Sitting as Bad for You as Smoking?

Much evidence suggests that prolonged sitting is bad for your health. But is it really as bad for you as smoking cigarettes? And how can you reduce the amount of time you spend sitting, especially if you’re a patient with diabetes whose mobility may be limited? Dr. Sheri Colberg, an expert in exercising with diabetes, […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Linked to Diabetes

Women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes and are diagnosed at an earlier age, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. This is the first study to show a link between the two conditions. PCOS is a common endocrine […]

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